Brand Spotlight: For Better Or For Worse Podcast

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I’ve had so much fun working with Sarah Bronson as she builds her brand for the all new For Better or For Worse Podcast! I first met Sarah a couple of years ago at a Rising Tide Society Tuesday’s Together meeting and instantly loved her spunky personality and passion for encouraging other female business owners and creatives.

Sarah is the owner of All My Heart Bridal, and is also an industry collaboration partner with EA Bride Magazine, the leader of the KC chapter of Rising Tide Society, and she’s recently added her very own podcast to the mix!

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As a female business owner in the wedding industry, Sarah knows first had just how hard starting a business is, and how valuable it is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and more experienced. Now that she’s got some things figured out, she’s passionate about paying it forward by teaching others what she knows and being the friend that you need as you navigate the hills and valleys of entrepreneurship. And what better way to reach and encourage others than through a podcast?!

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For better or for worse is the business partner, strategist, business coach and bestie you’ve always needed, but never knew how to get.
Sarah Bronson

For Better or For Worse podcast is a lifeline for wedding professionals that offers tangible business advice and business coaching by interviewing women from all facets of the wedding industry. In Sarah’s words “For better or for worse is the business partner, strategist, business coach and bestie you’ve always needed, but never knew how to get.”

When Sarah was preparing for her podcast launch, she knew that she wanted to show who she is as a person, highlight her exceptional work ethic, and share what drives her. She also knew she wanted to share her love for life, adventure and Harry Potter!

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Sarah loves bright colors, fun patterns and wants to embody a mixed style of fun, nerdy, sophisticated, fashionable and trendy. And because her goal is to appeal to other women in the wedding industry, she understands that curating a consistent and professional look is essential.

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Follow For Better or For Worse Podcast on Instagram to see how Sarah's putting her new brand photos to work. Then catch her latest interview with Rachel Rogers, owner of For The Story Vacations, here. Oh and be sure to subscribe to the podcast because there's some really awesome content coming at you soon that I know you're going to LOVE!!

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