Personal Brand Photography & Storytelling

On of my all time favorite business books is “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. It’s got SO many nuggets of wisdom in it, but I think one of the most essential concepts Miller talks about is also super simple. He says that in order for your marketing to pass the grunt test, your audience should be able to answer the following three questions within 5 seconds of looking at your website or marketing material:

  1. What do you offer?

  2. How will it make my life better?

  3. What do I need to do to buy it?

If your marketing isn’t so clear that it answers those 3 questions for a customer almost immediately, it’s too complicated and you’re going to lose them. That’s why storytelling is so beneficial when it comes to marketing your business & brand. A good story captures your audience’s attention, takes them on an adventure, connects with their emotions and compels them to action. By giving your audience an experience rather than just stating the facts, they’ll retain much more of the information you give them. And if you pair your story with intentional imagery, you can build trust and loyalty almost immediately.

The goal of every personal brand photo session is to share your story and show your audience the benefits of your services or products in a way they can relate to. We do that by focusing on them, not your business.

As we plan your personal brand session, we’ll identify 3-5 stories that will demonstrate how you can solve your audience’s problem or make their lives better. Next, we’ll brainstorm the perfect locations, colors, props, outfits, etc to make those stories come to life. Then we will pinpoint your exact imagery needs so that I can shoot intentionally and give you as much variety as possible and maximize your experience.

If you’re ready to connect with your audience on a deeper level through intentional, custom images, contact me today to schedule your free consultation!

Infographic about Storytelling through Personal brand photography
Successful brands, like successful leaders, make it clear what life will look like if somebody engages their products or services.
Donald Miller