Keys to A Strategic Personal Brand Shoot

Keys to planning a strategic personal brand photo shoot

Consider your content plan 

I used to think content planners were just for bloggers. Probably because most of the content planners I’ve come across are specifically designed for bloggers. But they’re actually a really powerful tool no matter what kind of content you’re planning, including your visual content.  By taking an hour each month to sit down and plan out your visual content for the month, you’ll be able to be more strategic in what you’re posting and will save yourself the headache of trying to figure it on on the fly everyday.

A simple way to get started with your visual content calendar is to start with what you know and work backwards. Think about what holidays, vacation or travel days you have coming up and mark those on the calendar. Then write down any events or collaborations you have coming up. And finally, decide what topics or information you want to share with your audience and fill in the gaps. Once you have a plan, we can shoot much more strategically so that you’ll have all the visual content you need to support it. 


Shoot for your brand aesthetic

When planning your personal brand or product shoot, it’s important to tie in your brand aesthetic wherever you can. The easiest ways to do this are with your outfits, props and locations.

When choosing what to wear, think about your brand’s color palette and choose items that not only match in color, but also match in style. For example, if your brand has a relaxed, natural vibe, you might wear ripped jeans and a chunky sweater full of texture. But if your brand is more about sophisticated, modern vibes, that outfit wouldn’t really translate. Instead, a sleek pantsuit or more tailored look might be in order.

If you’ll be pulling props into your session, the same rule applies. Think style, not just color. You also need to think about what makes sense for your business. We all love a fabulous desktop flat lay with gold scissors, luscious florals and a cup of coffee. But that doesn’t mean we should all do that! Instead, consider the purpose behind your business, and brainstorm ways to bring that to life in your photos.

Location is another great way to tie in your brand’s aesthetic. If you’re planning to shoot outside of your home or workplace, search for places that lean into your brand vibe. Just like when you’re considering outfits, choose locations that support your overall style. A coffee shop might be great for the girl with the relaxed brand, ripped jeans and sweater. But a wine bar or swanky hotel lobby would be more ideal for a sophisticated & modern brand.


Make the most out of your session 

One of the things I love most about personal brand photography is that you can get a huge variety of images in a short period of time. By planning well, we can be super intentional and efficient during your shoot which will maximize the variety of images you get in the end.

Plan to have several outfits on hand to change into, and even different hairstyles. It’s easy to start with hair down, then move into a half-up style, then a ponytail, then a top knot. This simple idea automatically gives you 4 different looks. Swap in some accessories and the options are endless. As a side note, I highly recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done for your session! You will not only look amazing, but you’ll FEEL amazing, and that will totally translate in your photos!

You’ll also want to be strategic in the locations you choose. If you have a 3 hour session scheduled, you’ll want to pick places that within a short distance of each other so we don’t waste a lot of time traveling from one location to another.


Plan your fluff images

We’ve all been that place where we didn’t have time to plan, or are just simply burned out with social media. We stare at our phone knowing we need to post something, but don’t have a clue what it’s going to be. Usually this is when we fall off the wagon so to speak. Your visual content is dried up, you have more pressing things to do in your business, and honestly it’s kind of annoying to have to constantly post on social. We know those days will come, so plan for it. During your personal brand session, be sure to incorporate what I like to call “fluff” images. They’re just pretty images that match your brand and can be used as filler without ruining the consistency of your visual aesthetic. Slap a quote on it, or even just post one with nothing more than a “Have a great day!” caption and move on boss lady!