6 Kinds of Photography To Help Tell Your Brand Stories

To help you market your services or products more effectively, there are several kinds of photography that can help by evoking emotion, showing value and taking your ideal client or customer behind the scenes. Below are the 6 kinds of photos that every brand should incorporate into their marketing strategy. 

Lifestyle / Editorial

Creates a human connection by featuring people using your product or service. Lifestyle photos can feature you, your clients or models in order to convey a desired lifestyle.

Lifestyle photograph for Naturally Chic Gifts

Behind the Scenes

Captures you in your element and gives your audience a peek behind the curtain of creating your product or what it’s like working with you. It’s also a great way to share the stories and heart behind your brand and why you do what you do.

Behind the scenes of Naturally Chic Gifts

Custom Stock

Stock photos are a staple for social media. These typically feature items and colors that are brand cohesive and help your audience imagine how great their life will be with your product or service in it.  

Custom stock image for Naturally Chic Gifts

Styled Headshots

People want to see the face behind your business. Styled headshots are usually in a real-life environment that relates to your brand. Similar to lifestyle photos, they capture you in your element and showcase your personality.

Headshot of Tamara for Naturally Chic Gifts

Standard Product Photography

Simple, crisp and well lit images of your products that show exactly what they look like. Often with a clean neutral background and photographed by itself.

Product photography for Naturally Chic Gifts

Styled Product Photography

Styled product photography features your products in an environment that allows your audience to envision your product in their life. By giving context to the product’s size, and real life uses you give it personality and are able to convey the quality of the item.

Styled product photography for Naturally Chic Gifts

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