5 Ways to Maximize Your Investment in Personal Brand Photography

A lot of online entrepreneurs know that personal brand photography is an AMAZING way to tell your story in an authentic way, show the value and quality you have to offer, and build trust through brand recognition. One of the most beneficial things you can invest in is a library full of fresh, original images to draw from in all aspects of your business. Below are 5 ways you can maximize your investment in personal brand photography to help grow your business and convert leads into sales. 

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  1. Use them throughout your website.
  2. People want to know you're a real person! They will be more comfortable contacting you if they know what you look like, so build that trust every chance you get! 
  3. Use them on social media.
    Everyone knows that social media posts that include images get more visibility and engagement. But now that everyone is using stock photos, they kind of all start looking the same and often just end up adding to the noise. Posting unique images that are cohesive with your brand and tell your authentic story will stand out from the crowd and build brand recognition. 
     Happenstance Studio Personal Brand Photography


  4. Use them in your newsletters + e-blasts.
    Create a consistent visual brand in all avenues of your business! Your website, social media feeds, newsletters, eblasts, even your stationary, should all be consistent so that when you get in front of someone for the second, third or fifteenth time you can prove to them that you're credible and trustworthy. 
  5. Put one in your email signature.
    People are more likely to remember your face even if they can't remember your name.  It might take seeing you 20 times before someone is truly aware of your existence, so take every opportunity you can to remind them of who you are! 
  6. Have a library of personal brand photos ready to send right now.
    When you get approached for publication or a feature, you'll be able to send in the photos of your choosing right away. By having a bank all ready to go, you'll save youself the stress of planning and preparing for a last minute session, or worse, being at the mercy of their photographer & timeframe. 

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