3 Easy Ways to Get More Engagement On Social Media Starting Today!

Ever wonder why you aren't getting more engagement on social media? I mean, your feed is visually cohesive, you're posting great content, sharing all the things by still....crickets.

Sometimes social media can feel a little like lunchtime on the first day of school. Looking out on a sea of people and praying that someone will invite you into their circle. But something I wish I'd realized when I was younger is that you don't have to wait for people to reach out to you! YOU can be the one offering the invitation!

Social media works best when you approach it like networking. Yes, it feels a bit awkward at first, but once you start up a conversation or two, you'll be so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone!

Here are 3 simple tips to help increase your engagement this week!

  1. Comment on at least 5 people's posts
  2. Reach out to followers in your DM's and make a real connection
  3. Share a great post by a friend or follower in your stories

If you feel like you're posting great content, but not getting the response you'd like (or any at all), it's likely because you're talking at them, not to them. If you focus more on inviting your audience into your circle, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much more authentic engagement you get, and how much more fun social media can be!

Give it a try now and spread the love by sharing the graphic below in your stories or on Pinterest

increase engagement on social media today