25 Ideas for Your Next Personal Brand Photo Shoot

We've all heard that connecting with our audience is super important to the success of our business. That's because emotionally connected customers are more engaged with your brand, follow your advice because you're a trusted resource, care less about the prices and spread the word. By creating custom images of your brand that share your personality, you open the door for your audience to connect with you through similarities or shared interests. 

Not only are custom brand photos going to help you make those important emotional connections, but they will also help you stand out by being original and completely brand-cohesive. Here are 25 ideas to help you think outside the box for your next personal brand session: 

  1. Document a client consultation/meeting

  2. Your product(s) in use

  3. Styled images of your product(s)

  4. Share your creative process

  5. Packaging your product(s)

  6. In your everyday work environment

  7. Behind the scenes of a service you provide

  8. Highlight a personal hobby

  9. Spending time with family

  10. Spending time with friends

  11. Feature your pets

  12. What your holidays are like

  13. Sharing your spirituality/beliefs

  14. Networking/meeting with industry peers

  15. Documenting an event

  16. Self care activities/habits

  17. Highlight your daily routines/rituals

  18. Feature your favorite things

  19. At rest / on vacation

  20. Feature your favorite local spots

  21. Document a collaboration

  22. Sharing a vulnerability or struggle

  23. Showcase your personality

  24. Doing mundane business tasks

  25. How you gather inspiration

Ideas for your next personal brand photo shoot